"Tim's Story - My Last Day with Jake"

March 12, 1999

Once again I found myself filled with adrenalin just thinking about racing Keyesville, which has held some of my most fond memories. Riding, practicing downhill runs, camping, telling stories, laughing, making new memories, just hanging out with some of my closest friends enjoying each other company. These are some of the reasons Keyesville has been one of my favorite races to attend. The course was brought to new height on top of the mountain over looking Lake Isabella and the Kern River, which made the beautiful view even more spectacular.

It was early Friday afternoon when Nenah and I finally saw Gina and Clyde (the dog). Shortly after Jake rode up and convinced me to go up for one more practice run.

I had already finished my practice runs but Jake was always able to get you to do more and he did. Myself and a few other friends rode over to the truck pick up area that was crowded with racers, both trucks filling up fast, leaving still a crowd of racers.

Jake and most of my friends had already made their way up to the top. Mark and I sat there waiting for a truck to take us to the top. I was getting impatient and wanted to go back to camp. All of a sudden two small truck came down and we're filling up fast. I didn't think we were going to get a spot, Mark said, we have room for one more, so I squeezed in the back of the truck and we were off. As we got to the starting line, there were many riders getting ready to practice.

I looked for my group of friends, they weren't to be seen.

As I looked towards the start, I saw Mark heading down the course. I started after him, shortly after I came around the corner to see Jake sitting with Mark overlooking this technical rock section. I saw a crowd of racers above and below this area.

I saw a very focused, intense look on Jake's face. . . and asked him if he had done the jump yet.

He said "no . . . this was my first try".

He was waiting for a break in the riders so nobody was in the way.

I said, "Good luck Jake, let me get a good spot". He said, "Thanks Trace".

Jake loved to show off his great talent, as we loved and admired watching him. Jake's energy, kindness and determination has influenced many people including myself. Jake will be greatly missed by friends, family and the racing world. I will forever see you flying thru the sky with the greatest of ease. My prayers will always be with you and your family, as I know God will take care of you.

I love you Jake - you will always be in my heart.

Tim Tracy "Trace"