"Gina's Story "

My last day with Jake was so precious. I stopped by his house at 7:00 in the morning and we packed up the truck and headed to "Keysville". It was a Friday and we could not have ask for a more beautiful day. Sunny with beautiful clouds in the sky.

We both didn't have lot to talk about that morning, we were enjoying each others presence and now and then we would look over at each other and just smile.

I love his smile. There are 2 things that he said on the way up to Keysville that really stuck in my mind. As we passed a burnt down shack, Jake could not help but to glance back 3 or 4 times saying, "that is where my dad and I use to stop and rest after riding motorcycles all day". He said, he really missed that. The other thing he said was "I love the desert, I love how open and peaceful it makes me feel".

When we arrived in Keyesville I took Clyde (the dog) to the lake and Jake started with his downhill runs. When we parted he said, "thank you for being here with me" and "I'm going to win this race".

I remember being with Clyde at the lake, it was so peaceful, the only thing I kept thinking to myself was how lonely it would be for us not to have Jake in our lives, because every time all of us were together at our streams and lakes, life just felt so complete. When arriving, back to the race site. I was waiting at the bottom of the hill and then Jake came down. His face was lit up and glowing as he said, "do you want to hike up with me"?

I said, "no, Jake" you go ahead, I'll wait here at the bottom for you. As he began to walk up the hill with his bike, he stopped and turned around and he said to me . . . "Your are so special" . . . and I smiled. All I could think about was, how special he made me feel. I would have never thought that when I said, "I'll be waiting at the bottom for you, that in fact you would be waiting at the top for me.

It's not goodbye Jake, its "Go Jake" until we meet again".

I love you Jake. Love, Gina